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Please note that this is very very old code script, so probably not work with a recent PHP engine without some modification.

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2001-03-25 v0.0.1a Initial release.
2001-03-26 v0.0.2a Error checking has been added, and there are minor bugfixes
2001-03-26 v0.0.3a Add Code 39 support
2001-03-27 v0.0.4a Minor feature enhancements, new output styles.
2001-03-28 v0.0.5a Add font control, minor bugfixes.
2001-03-29 v0.0.6a Bugfix in Code 39 render, thanks to Henry Bland.
2001-04-01 v0.0.7a Add support for Code 128-A and Code 128-B
2001-08-03 v0.0.8a Now support Code 128-C, thanks to Sam Michaels.